Established in 2000

Nestled in a beautiful landmark building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Montclare Children’s School’s community reflects our international and culturally diverse Upper West Side neighborhood. Located on 96th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, Montclare provides a dedicated and nurturing team of early childhood educators in each classroom. Our enriched, balanced curriculum and primarily teacher-guided approach promotes the highest levels of cognitive, social, emotional and physical and ethical development, in a secure, stimulating, playful learning environment. At Montclare we believe that a supportive preschool setting encourages independence, optimal learning and Kindergarten readiness.

Licensing & Accreditation

Montclare Children’s School is licensed by the New York City DOH Bureau of Child Care.


The school is a member of:


Montclare Children’s School is accredited by Middle States Association.




Students leave Montclare prepared for the next step – with confidence, critical thinking & problem-solving skills, and a sense of personal accountability.

We have a dedicated Director of Exmissions to help Montclare families find the right fit for their children when it comes to Kindergarten placement after graduation.

Character education is a key piece of our curriculum to ensure students receive a well-rounded education.

Our teachers scaffold opportunities for our students to problem solve, learn conflict resolution and manage frustration and expectations.

Learning to transition, follow routines and engage in cooperative play, children build confidence and independence.

Through inquiry, discussion, and exploration our program fosters reflective thinking and abstract reasoning.

Montclare children have fun while they learn.

We are located in a landmark building on the Upper West Side.

Montclare has been serving families for more than 20 years.

Our school is a strong community of families focused on raising bright, confident children.

There are 17 languages represented at Montclare.

Our average Head-Teacher tenure is 10 years.


It is difficult to put into words what Montclare means to our family! Our eldest daughter (age 3) began this fall and absolutely loves her school! From day one, the teachers and administrators welcomed the children with true warmth, kindness, and respect. We love our daugther's two teachers - they have a deep knowledge of child development and early childhood education theory and practice. They communicate with us daily through StoryPark -- a highlight of our day is to see photos and hear a summary of the day! We've been so heartened to see the teachers and administrators treat our daughter as an autonomous person and they model respect and kindness in each encounter. We have been astounded and heartened our daughter's academic growth. My husband and I are both physicians and have been particularly grateful for the transparency and close attention to COVID protocols during the pandemic. The communication from the Director, administration, and teachers is remarkably clear, consistent, and helpful. We love Montclare -- it strikes the perfect balance between academic and socio-emotional growth!

Megan M.

Every day our daughter walks out of the house, we remind her to be both kind and useful – and to think of others before herself.  And every day our daughter walks into Montclare, these principles, as well as many others – like diversity, creativity, confidence, collaboration, intellectual curiosity, resilience, and competence – are the foundation of the school’s DNA.  As our world becomes increasingly complex and competitive, it’s imperative we provide our children with the appropriate tools and mindset at the earliest age possible.  In doing so, Montclare is absolutely an extension of our family and we couldn't be more grateful.  It's a community of educators and staff that work tirelessly and passionately to ensure our children appreciate the joy of learning, the importance of really understanding and respecting each other, and living balanced and - eventually - purposeful lives.        

Karim H.

Our eldest daughter has been at Montclare for three wonderful years. In that time, we’ve seen her blossom from a cautious, somewhat shy two-year-old to a confident four-year-old who has no trouble making new friends at the playground. We’ve witnessed her teachers’ creativity, miraculously finding ways to engage two-year-olds on zoom in the early days of the pandemic (something we were deeply skeptical would be possible!) We’ve found that the school and its teachers share our values, encouraging a growth mindset and creating a kind, safe and nurturing environment. And we’ve been impressed by the school’s administrators, who continue to navigate the pandemic in ways that make us feel safe, all while getting to really know our daughter to help us best navigate NYC’s intimidating kindergarten admissions process. Our youngest daughter will be starting at Montclare in the fall, and we can’t wait for her to learn, grow and have fun at this amazing school. 

Robert B.


Montclare Children’s School is an enriched preschool, engaging children in a joyful and dynamic environment. Montclare inspires lifelong learners by cultivating collaboration, creativity, and independent thinking.