All of the following testimonials were provided by satisfied Montclare Children’s School parents. We are also more than happy to put you in touch with a current Montclare Children’s School family to give you first-hand answers to your questions.

Gillian S.

Montclare Parent

Being a part of the Montclare community for the past 6 years has been one of the great joys of our family. Our two sons both have graduated from this magical preschool and we will miss it dearly. Montclare just gets it right - the mix of academics, engaging and exciting activities and social emotional learning makes it hard to imagine a finer place for early childhood education. We have seen the growth and continued independence that our children gained from their learning at Montclare. We value the deep level of communication that the school upholds - they will make time for any question you have day or night. I truly don’t know how to express my gratitude for the entire administration. We will miss this special place!

Tiffany Y.

Montclare Parent

We have never regretted choosing Montclare as the first school experience for our two year old. It is always our belief that a great early-stage experience is conducive to develop a positive life-long attitude towards school. Montclare is certainly beyond our expectations. I still remember how much pushback my son had over the first day of school. The teachers were so supportive and patient and they let my son take his own pace to adjust to the new environment. Before we even realized it, my son changed from fighting to go to school to running into the school happily without even looking back. The teachers and administrative staffs are also very professional and their approach is very balanced. They always take my questions about my son's situation very seriously. They would think about it thoroughly and give me recommendations specifically tailored to my son. This just shows how much they know and care about my son as an individual. I can't say enough good things about Montclare.

Robert B.

Montclare Parent

Our eldest daughter has been at Montclare for three wonderful years. In that time, we’ve seen her blossom from a cautious, somewhat shy two-year-old to a confident four-year-old who has no trouble making new friends at the playground. We’ve witnessed her teachers’ creativity, miraculously finding ways to engage two-year-olds on zoom in the early days of the pandemic (something we were deeply skeptical would be possible!) We’ve found that the school and its teachers share our values, encouraging a growth mindset and creating a kind, safe and nurturing environment. And we’ve been impressed by the school’s administrators, who continue to navigate the pandemic in ways that make us feel safe, all while getting to really know our daughter to help us best navigate NYC’s intimidating kindergarten admissions process. Our youngest daughter will be starting at Montclare in the fall, and we can’t wait for her to learn, grow and have fun at this amazing school. 

Megan M.

Montclare Parent

It is difficult to put into words what Montclare means to our family! Our eldest daughter (age 3) began this fall and absolutely loves her school! From day one, the teachers and administrators welcomed the children with true warmth, kindness, and respect. We love our daugther's two teachers - they have a deep knowledge of child development and early childhood education theory and practice. They communicate with us daily through StoryPark -- a highlight of our day is to see photos and hear a summary of the day! We've been so heartened to see the teachers and administrators treat our daughter as an autonomous person and they model respect and kindness in each encounter. We have been astounded and heartened our daughter's academic growth. My husband and I are both physicians and have been particularly grateful for the transparency and close attention to COVID protocols during the pandemic. The communication from the Director, administration, and teachers is remarkably clear, consistent, and helpful. We love Montclare -- it strikes the perfect balance between academic and socio-emotional growth!

Karim H.

Montclare Parent

Every day our daughter walks out of the house, we remind her to be both kind and useful – and to think of others before herself.  And every day our daughter walks into Montclare, these principles, as well as many others – like diversity, creativity, confidence, collaboration, intellectual curiosity, resilience, and competence – are the foundation of the school’s DNA.  As our world becomes increasingly complex and competitive, it’s imperative we provide our children with the appropriate tools and mindset at the earliest age possible.  In doing so, Montclare is absolutely an extension of our family and we couldn't be more grateful.  It's a community of educators and staff that work tirelessly and passionately to ensure our children appreciate the joy of learning, the importance of really understanding and respecting each other, and living balanced and - eventually - purposeful lives. 

Liang Z.

Montclare Parent

Montclare has been such a wonderful place for our family for the past 3 years. The staff and teachers care for the children with dedication, empathy, and playfulness, and so many of them have decades of experience. In the last 2 years with Covid, the school has handled the new protocols exceptionally well. With all the stress that parents of young children are feeling during the pandemic, it's so important to have a school where children can be happy and healthy. The parent community is down to earth, diverse, and active. Even though my son will be graduating from Montclare this spring, I'm so happy we still have 2 more years at the school with my daughter. I'm forever grateful for the education and friendships that Montclare gave to both of my children. ❤️


Montclare Parent

The Montclare teachers and staff have created an environment in which our daughter has blossomed from a cautious and introverted child to be more open and confident.  The teachers have nurtured her creative curiosity through a dynamic curriculum, which includes a lot of hands-on learning and her favorite, art based projects.  She expresses a lot of joy when she shares with us about her activities at school, especially her assigned classroom jobs such as the line leader or the schedule helper.  We feel that Montclare brings out the best in our daughter as she explores new interests, skills and friendships in this warm community.

Kristen O.

Montclare Parent

As a parent of former, current, and future MONTCLARE students, we are truly in love. When we joined Montclare as a Threes Family, we found ourselves with a new partnership in raising our children. The teaching staff is deeply knowledgeable in child development and are experts in bringing out the best in each child while instilling a never-ending love of learning. The specialists add an extra element of joy to each day and the administration is always happy to assist families with their needs. My oldest is thriving in his ongoing school, thanks to the foundation he received at Montclare. We are also happy to have found friendships among the parent community as well as many opportunities to give back to the classroom and the community at large. Montclare has been incredible during the pandemic, going through great lengths to keep the school open in a safe manner, we are grateful to have had a sense of normalcy during this time, but we can’t wait to roam the beautiful halls again.

Shin Young Hahn

Montclare Parent

This is our third year at Montclare and we are so happy to have decided to send our daughter to Montclare. Not only has she learned a lot academically but she met so many friends and wonderful teachers. The community is warm and nurturing. The school has amazing facilities and does a fantastic job in preparing your child to be ready for kindergarten. The past year has really demonstrated the school’s great leadership - they have done a wonderful job navigating the pandemic and keeping our children safely in school.

Eliza B.

Montclare Parent

Montclare was a wonderful, enriching and meaningful place for our four children. They grew and developed so much during their time at the school. I can't say enough about the incredible teachers, administrators and staff. They work so hard to provide for a nurturing and supportive environment that prioritizes the individual child's socialization and learning. All of my children were well-prepared for kindergarten and made friendships that sustain to this day. The parent community is also very involved and engaged. We miss this school every day.

Lucia B.

Montclare Parent

We love Montclare and feel so lucky and blessed that both our children were able to start their educational journey at this school. The teachers and administrators are some of the very best in New York and have a collective experience of over 100 years - they are true experts in their field of education and child development. My children were equipped with the necessary tools and skills to make them successful at their ongoing schools after graduation. Even after graduation we still feel connected to the amazing community at Montclare and are forever grateful for the experiences my children had over the last five years. We love you Montclare!

Mimi S.

Montclare Parent

Montclare is a wonderful preschool. Both of my sons have gone there and I can’t say enough about the teachers and staff. The art and music program are also amazing. I like how the curriculum balances teacher led learning with creative play and student led free choice times. It’s a perfect blend. The families that also attend are wonderful and so down to earth. Some of our really good friends are from MCS. In summary - a great school for kids!5 stars!!

Peter A.

Montclare Parent

It’s our daughters second year attending Montclare and we absolutely LOVE everything about this school! It's incredible watching our child grow and develop so fast because of all the amazing life skills and education she is receiving here. The sense of community is also fantastic and it’s been a huge source of information and support for us to help prepare our daughter for a very bright future.

Ayala D.

Montclare Parent

My daughter flourished at Montclare. This is NOT a daycare. It’s a school, and its run really well. The teachers are smart, creative and caring. The building is beautiful with lots of light and high ceilings, which makes for an open environment with lots of space and great energy. There’s lots of outdoor time on their roof playground and the kids are exposed not just to important academic basics but also dance & yoga, music art and lots of support for learning both academic and social. And finally the administration is warm and very communicative. I feel as though I'm part of a community which has been key for both my daughter and myself. If you're looking for great preschool, I would highly recommend Montclare.

Nicole L.

Montclare Parent

Nurturing, positivity and community. Those were the three things we were looking for when thinking about “our” perfect preschool for our daughter. From the moment we walked into the building, my husband and I knew our daughter was going to love learning, make lasting friendships and cultivate a flexible mindset. The teachers and staff work around the clock to make sure the students realize their potential. We appreciate the focus on art and music and was thrilled to see how our daughter is able to express herself so creatively and thoughtfully at such a young age. There are many preschool options in NYC, but very few take such a holistic approach like MCS in striving to tap into your child’s full potential and make them kind, confident and grounded individuals.

Kristina P.

Montclare Parent

Our family feels a number of emotions about sending children to Montclare, but the strongest is joy. The smiles we see from school and camp make us feel like they care about our children's emotions, help them grow, and learn to be independent. We cannot stop recommending Montclare to friends and it is an incredible privilege to be a part of its community.

Rakshanda M.

Montclare Parent

Being a part of the Montclare Family has been one of the best decisions we could have made for our son Noah, who graduated the 2s program and is now part of the 3s program here. Montclare team is like one big family. Their attention to detail and interest in each kid is phenomenal. Being a parent of a single child who was born a preemie, made us super paranoid about trusting an organization to take good care of our son, but Montclare came through beautifully. They extended help in all areas, be it feeding, consoling or giving extra hugs and cuddles to our son and even sitting him on the teachers lap if needed. All I can say is the Montclare team went above and beyond to accommodate all the requirements we had as parents for our son. It’s amazing to see Noah flourish and grow and we couldn’t be happier that he is doing so as part of the Montclare family.

Mariana S.

Montclare Parent

Our oldest daughter started at Montclare in the 2’s program and is now in the 3’s. My biggest concern in the beginning was regarding the language, as we speak Portuguese at home. Montclare embraced the challenge with empathy and patience and our daughter thrived and blossomed into a curious bilingual big kid. The teachers and admin staff are always in a good humor and ready to answer any questions or concerns we might have. Montclare is diverse and inclusive. We are so happy with the teaching method and approach that we decided to enroll our little one in the Curious Croc this year and January 2’s next year. We are beyond happy to be a part of this community!

Isha G.

Montclare Parent

We are beyond thrilled to have found this gem of a school- it is our happy place! It warms our hearts to see our son truly thrive here and grow into a happy, empathetic and confident little boy. He looks forward to school every single day and cannot stop talking about his day when home. And what a day it always is- engaging and enriching! A lot of meticulous thought goes into the curriculum planning and it is well rounded with a good balance of play with teacher-led learning. We love the strong foundational academic focus (whether reading, writing, math), that is so effortlessly introduced through the various fun activities the kids do. Additionally, there is art, library, yoga, music, outdoor play, gym-time, field trips. Weekly themes like "person of the week", "what's in the box" encourage the children to share their ideas, foster public speaking thereby building their confidence and social interaction skills. Above all, what truly stands out about Montclare is the wonderful staff; always warm, affectionate and collaborative. The teachers are fabulous and dedicated- each child is nurtured based on where they are in their educational journey and parents get a full view on what is happening in the classroom with an overview of the curriculum plan at the start of each school year, daily pictures and updates on the class activities. The leadership and administration are the nicest group of people who are accessible and approachable for any and all sorts of questions. The parent body is vibrant, down-to-earth and close-knit and there are several events to get together, be involved and truly be a part of the community. Montclare has been the best decision we have made for our son's intellectual growth and personality development. We cannot be happier and have loved every moment of being a part of the Montclare family! 

Dustin E.

Montclare Parent

What can I say about Montclare that hasn't already been said? Previous testimonials speak the truth.

As a family, we absolutely love Montclare. Montclare of any school we looked at has been a dream. The school is balanced and progressive in both curriculum and lesson plans. From initial parent separation to a rising graduate, we see growth in both independence and confidence in our daughter. Moreover, the curriculum is balanced and the lesson plans are teacher-led in a well-structured way allowing for free play, creative arts, instruction, and more. We feel strongly our child is cognitively skilled, socially and emotionally mature, and physically ready for her next school having been a Montclare student for the past two years. All thanks to the supportive administration and excellent teachers with whom we enjoy a wonderful relationship.

When it comes to early education at Montclare. There are plenty of opportunities to connect, communicate and coordinate with an engaged community. Parents here get it!

Finally, finding the right preschool for your child takes time. Both you and your child need to feel comfortable and supported. Given what I listed above. I'd be surprised if that wasn't at Montclare.

Elisa I.

Montclare Parent

The warmth and close community at Montclare has been an ideal place for our family. Being an involved parent of three, the school has proven time and again that they not only foster a close relationship with families but nurture each child to their full potential. Their support of each family is individualized and done in a sincere and genuine manner.

My continued gratitude will always be to the Montclare teachers who have gone above and beyond during the pandemic when there were challenges re-acclimating to feeling comfortable and confident within the classroom. My son is not only happy but has a true love for school and learning because he feels safe and happy at Montclare. 

Social and emotional development and preparing my children for their next educational steps was my main focus when looking into pre-schools. Montclare not only emphasized this through their thoughtful support of my child’s continued education but also understands Einstein’s “Play is the highest form of research”. Montclare encourages curiosity and discovery through structured and free play which is a lovely balance. 

I look forward to my son’s graduation, the opportunities he will have moving forward, as well as watching my youngest start this year and her growth and development within the Montclare community.

Caroline and Nick B.

Montclare Parents

Our twin daughters joined the Montclare family this past year. While it has only been 6 months, we have seen both develop leaps and bounds as both girls have become confident, creative and social three-year olds. Both girls return home from school each day with excitement and are eager to share stories about the new friends made, new art projects created and new songs sung. The facilities are excellent (art room, play areas, rooftop playground, music class and much more!). We also want to give a shout out to the entire staff – simply put, they are the best there is. The girls’ teachers in the Garden room have shown incredible support, love and patience –they are incredible! We cannot recommend Montclare enough for those parents looking for a home away from home for their young children.

Sam C.

Montclare Parent

Montclare is everything that childhood should be and more: it's magic, it's hugs, it's wonder, it's kindness, its support, it's ease, it's fun, it's a breath of fresh air. To our family, this beloved preschool (the administration, educators, staff, and community at large) is a slice of perfection in an imperfect world — we can't recommend it highly enough.

Ben Y.

Montclare Parent

We consider ourselves extraordinarily lucky to send our daughter to Montclare. It is a joy seeing her flourish at the school, thanks in large part to the strong, capable group of teachers and staff who have helped build her confidence, independence, and love of community and learning. Everyone we have met at the school has been uniformly warm and caring, so it is therefore no surprise that our daughter excitedly rushes out the door every morning to go to school. The staff at Montclare has gotten to know our daughter personally, which has helped them prepare her for a life beyond preschool; in addition to helping our child grow as a person, Montclare has also greatly helped us navigate the daunting NYC kindergarten admissions process. They have been able to provide individualized guidance each step of the way to help ensure our daughter is in a place that is uniquely right for her. Montclare has far surpassed our highest expectations, and we could not imagine a better place for our daughter.

Mo Z.

Montclare Parent

Choosing Montclare Children's School as the first step for my two children has been the best education decision for my kids (a 2's and a 4's). Both of them are thriving at school. The educational approach is ideal for them to reach their full potential at their ages. The activities are well-designed and are exactly what we want for our kids. We also learned from school about parenting, how to be K ready, and individualized exmission guidance. The school community and parent association are gems! You feel welcomed and supported in this community. The school is an extended home to us. We receive daily pictures about what happened and the communication from teachers is always transparent. My kids are known well by the teachers and staff, and they are making meaningful connections to their peers. Other than the stellar school program and after school programs, the summer camp offered is truly the best in the city! My kids still talked about the teachers and friends they met in camps for the rest of the summer. My family is forever grateful for this community.

Lucille W.

Montclare Parent

We always feel lucky to choose Montclare. This is my son’s third year here. And we’re so proud to see him grow into a curious and kind four-year-old. He loves to go to school and enjoys everything in his curriculum. We enjoy looking at the photos of him doing arts, music, numbers and letters, sciences, yoga, field trips, etc. But these are not the only things he’s doing in Montclare. His excellent teachers and friends taught him to be open and respectful of other cultures. He learns to share and be a good friend. He loves his school so much, so even though we moved to NJ, we still chose to commute.

The teachers and staff are so supportive and patient. When we applied to Montclare while being overseas, when our son went to school without knowing an English word, and when we had a new baby and our older son getting cranky, it was Montclare who supported us to make all these go smoothly. I can’t name everything they’ve helped because there were too many. But in short, they help us with our difficulties and celebrate our happiness.

We’ll definitely miss our time in Montclare. Hopefully, when our younger son goes to preschool, we’ll still be in the area so that he can be a Montclare kid.