All of the following testimonials were provided by satisfied Montclare Children’s School parents. We are also more than happy to put you in touch with a current Montclare Children’s School family to give you first-hand answers to your questions.

Eliza B.


Montclare was a wonderful, enriching and meaningful place for our four children. They grew and developed so much during their time at the school. I can't say enough about the incredible teachers, administrators and staff. They work so hard to provide for a nurturing and supportive environment that prioritizes the individual child's socialization and learning. All of my children were well-prepared for kindergarten and made friendships that sustain to this day. The parent community is also very involved and engaged. We miss this school every day.

Lucia B.


We love Montclare and feel so lucky and blessed that both our children were able to start their educational journey at this school. The teachers and administrators are some of the very best in New York and have a collective experience of over 100 years - they are true experts in their field of education and child development. My children were equipped with the necessary tools and skills to make them successful at their ongoing schools after graduation. Even after graduation we still feel connected to the amazing community at Montclare and are forever grateful for the experiences my children had over the last five years. We love you Montclare!

Mimi S.


Montclare is a wonderful preschool. Both of my sons have gone there and I can’t say enough about the teachers and staff. The art and music program are also amazing. I like how the curriculum balances teacher led learning with creative play and student led free choice times. It’s a perfect blend. The families that also attend are wonderful and so down to earth. Some of our really good friends are from MCS. In summary - a great school for kids!5 stars!!

Peter A.


It’s our daughters second year attending Montclare and we absolutely LOVE everything about this school! It's incredible watching our child grow and develop so fast because of all the amazing life skills and education she is receiving here. The sense of community is also fantastic and it’s been a huge source of information and support for us to help prepare our daughter for a very bright future.

Ayala D.


My daughter flourished at Montclare. This is NOT a daycare. It’s a school, and its run really well. The teachers are smart, creative and caring. The building is beautiful with lots of light and high ceilings, which makes for an open environment with lots of space and great energy. There’s lots of outdoor time on their roof playground and the kids are exposed not just to important academic basics but also dance & yoga, music art and lots of support for learning both academic and social. And finally the administration is warm and very communicative. I feel as though I'm part of a community which has been key for both my daughter and myself. If you're looking for great preschool, I would highly recommend Montclare.

Nicole L


Nurturing, positivity and community. Those were the three things we were looking for when thinking about “our” perfect preschool for our daughter. From the moment we walked into the building, my husband and I knew our daughter was going to love learning, make lasting friendships and cultivate a flexible mindset. The teachers and staff work around the clock to make sure the students realize their potential. We appreciate the focus on art and music and was thrilled to see how our daughter is able to express herself so creatively and thoughtfully at such a young age. There are many preschool options in NYC, but very few take such a holistic approach like MCS in striving to tap into your child’s full potential and make them kind, confident and grounded individuals.