Mission Statement/Philosophy

Our Mission:


Montclare Children’s School provides an enriched early childhood program with the goal of instilling a life-long love of learning. Our curriculum promotes cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth. We believe that optimal learning occurs when children are in a nurturing, stimulating and safe environment. Montclare’s teachers and staff cultivate lasting relationships with our families emphasizing the vital role that community plays in our school and in our children’s lives.




Our Philosophy:


At Montclare, we believe that a teacher-guided, balanced approach establishes an excellent educational foundation, providing the skills children need for Kindergarten and future learning.


Our teachers scaffold opportunities for our students to problem solve, learn conflict resolution and manage frustration and expectations. Learning to transition, follow routines and engage in cooperative play, children build confidence and independence, becoming more willing to take appropriate risks.  Our teachers encourage meaningful interactions and friendships, further boosting a child’s secure sense of self.


At Montclare we support the growth of the whole child. Through inquiry, discussion and exploration our program fosters reflective thinking, and increasingly abstract reasoning. Our curriculum promotes logical thinking by introducing skills in context and providing concrete materials. The acquisition of knowledge bolsters self-esteem, and learning with others greatly enhances social intelligence.


Furthermore, both in and out of the classroom, physical development is an integral part of each day including a series of fine-motor activities, sensory and gross–motor play, as well as participation in dance, movement, yoga, PE and gymnastics.