Summer Camp

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Around the World at Camp Montclare

This Summer, Montclare Children’s School will take a virtual trip Around the World at Camp Montclare, where children will get to have fun while learning new things about 6 different countries:


Giant Pandas, the Mandarin language, the Chinese flag, building kites, and calligraphy


Mandala Sand Art, the sacred cow, the Hindi language, and the Himalayan Mountains


Kangaroos, Aboriginal art, Vegemite, the Great Barrier Reef, and ocean life


Cheetahs, African masks, the African Savanah, weaving, and the Swahili language


The Iberian Ibex, Picasso, Gaudi, cave drawings and the Spanish language


The Amazon, Caimans, Carnival, and the Portuguese language


Around the World at Camp Montclare will be held June 21 - July 29, 2022

Download camp details HERE. Please feel free to email us with any questions:  [email protected].


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