We Gather Together

20 Apr We Gather Together

I’m sure many of you remember your school’s Assembly. It was a time for a whole school to gather together if only for a short moment. Here at Montclare, the purpose of assembly is to share the gift of song and music.

Starting a monthly assembly was the brain-child of Montclare’s music teacher, Noel Cohen. He shared his reasoning behind starting what we know will become a beloved tradition! 

Cathy (Makropoulos, Director) and I were having a conversation about how to include music in our school-lives even more than we already do. The idea of having “Assembly” for our whole school 2s – 4s came into my mind.

The concept behind Assembly is to bring the whole school together for twenty-five minutes and participate in a sing-along. We decided to hold Assembly once a month on the first Tuesday of each month. This gathering is an opportunity for Montclare’s students to see and experience the fact that they are part of a bigger community beyond their individual classrooms.

Some of our teachers, who like to sing, get up before the assembly and perform which is really fun for everyone! Furthermore, it draws our staff closer together and offers different people a moment to shine.

To me personally, music is a form of folklore, a combination of literature and history all wrapped up in a tuneful package. As I’m fond of saying, music may be one of the most stress-free, enjoyable ways of learning.

There is a visceral sense of power when we gather as a group of over 200 children and adults and sing a song together. This demonstrates that there are invisible ties binding us together as a community, ties more powerful than anything that can be measured.

Here are some songs we sang at the last, first, Assembly!

  • Let it be
  • Simple Gifts
  • Sing a song
  • God bless America
  • We shall overcome

Looking forward to our next Assembly in May!

Noel Cohen has been Montclare’s music teacher for over fifteen years, bringing his passion and talent for music to our community daily! Also a professional songwriter and guitarist, Noel’s music doesn’t stop at Montclare!