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Virtual Montclare

Distance Learning at Montclare

Distance Learning in the Era of Covid-19


The purpose of this page is to provide information about what Montclare Children’s School has been offering to our families and our community through the COVID-19 Pandemic.


“You all have been doing the most amazing job with MCS online. Our teachers have been exceptional. They are engaging, interactive, thoughtful and age appropriate. It’s been a wonderful experience. So thank YOU for the work, effort and dedication behind the scenes to make it all possible. Really, you should be so proud. Xo”

-MCS 2s Parent



Who better to share their experience with distance learning during this pandemic than the teachers themselves.

MCS 3s Classroom

MCS 2s Classroom

MCS 4s Classroom



Montclare has been providing synchronous learning through Zoom. Our classroom teachers meet daily with students including smaller group meetings for more one-on-one attention. Our Movement, Music, and Art Specialists also meet weekly with each class.

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“The teachers all have done a fantastic job! A true Herculean effort! We are grateful and appreciative of the time and thought that went into planning and executing the curriculum. Kudos to all! “
– MCS 3s Parent



Montclare’s teachers also provide asynchronous resources daily. The Zoom recordings are recorded and shared for students who are unable to attend the live classes. We also have a private website with YouTube links for our families providing a multitude of activities from storybook reading, gross-motor activities, science, music, art, and other skill-building videos and resources.

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“(Our teachers) have been incredible. My 2 year old is fully engaged through the entire Zoom class and is so excited to see his teachers and friends. The activities they recommend have been a lot of fun for my child too. He also insists on watching (his teachers) book readings every day too.”
-MCS 2s Parent



We are very excited to be joining the StoryPark family this spring to provide our families with more personalized learning in a safe, private online community. StoryPark is an early childhood communications platform that strengthens the home-school connections while enhancing each child’s learning.

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“(Our teacher) is a hero. She has gone way above and beyond for the class and for us personally. I am SO grateful she has offered and given us so much helpful and successful suggestions and ideas for (my child) to succeed and thrive during this time. She has been extremely generous with her time and effort. We appreciate her so much!!! Thank you!!! (Not to mention the Herculean task of keeping the 2’s engaged on zoom every single day).
-MCS 3s Parent



In addition to having our annual Town Hall meeting through zoom with over 100 people in attendance, we have been offering online workshops for our community. More than ever, we need one another.

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“Our teachers have been AMAZING and my child really benefits from seeing them daily. Music and movement also work well for us. Appreciate all the work that has gone into the distance learning. So sorry we’re missing out on this time AT Montclare but very grateful that the home-school connection is there. thank you!”
-MCS 4s Parent