Theater Week at Montclare!

03 May Theater Week at Montclare!

Theater Week is for our 3s is here!

Theater is the act of telling a story, and storytelling is the process through which children bring to life their imaginative ideas and words. The potential for creativity, social connection and emergent literacy is almost limitless. Using the language of storytelling, children are able to develop their emotional vocabulary as they work through feelings and explore the world around them.

Our 3s Classroom Teachers have each worked thoughtfully and collaboratively with our Specialists Jenna, Noel, Julia and Janae to explore the content of their stories and discover the most developmentally appropriate way to introduce the various aspects of theater arts to our children. Throughout the month of April, the 3s have been learning about how scenery, props, costumes, plot, songs, movement, and characters come together to create a wonderful story told through a live theater experience.

We hope our 3s families enjoy these performances and, in the spirit of Theater Week, allow us to take this opportunity to share some truly inspiring Family Theater options for our whole community!



TADA! Youth Theater presents: April 16th – May 21st



Who will be elected student president at Hamilton High in 1977? The cheerleader who promises a disco homecoming or the girl who wants to stop the pirate pranks? Suggested ages 5+

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new vic

The New Victory is New York City’s premier nonprofit performing arts theater devoted year-round to kids
and their families and classmates. Learn all about us.

MAY 14- MAY 22 – Le Clan des Songes (Toulouse, France)

CITÉ is a vibrant, poetic performance for the very young.

To a soundtrack of whimsical original music, a small man chases the sun as it darts between the tippity tops of towers, and a  city comes alive in fun and surprising ways. Inspired by the contemporary art of New York-based painter Evsa Model, this wordless work is an enthralling exploration of shape, color and shadow puppetry.




Tribecca Performing Arts Center: Saturday, May 7, 2016 at 1:30PM



Goodnight Moon & the Runaway Bunny – Ages 3 and up

BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, the longest operating performance venue in lower Manhattan, is dedicated to identifying, supporting and presenting established and emerging artists in a variety of disciplines, including music, dance and children’s theatre to the diverse Metropolitan audience.