Teacher Feature

03 Oct Teacher Feature

Getting to know our 3s Head-Teacher, Joanna Bernic!


Joanna, did you always want to be a teacher?

I have always worked with children, even as a teenager – and my Mom is a former teacher. She inspired me!


What would you want people to know about you that they may not already know?

I’m originally from the South Shore of Long Island and a mother of two young boys. I am also an expert skier and I have a Koi pond in my back yard!


Are the skills you have acquired as a veteran preschool teacher helpful when it comes to parenting your own young children?

Absolutely.  Giving my children guidelines at home and setting up routines has been extremely helpful.  My children are thriving because they know what to expect and our busy days run pretty smoothly and effortlessly.  Yes, they really do!


Since you spend your days with other people’s children, do you have any particular, general advice for parents?

Always be loving and have fun, but don’t forget to set limits and guidelines.  Yes, that is an important part of my teaching and parenting style!


What kind of preschool did you choose for your children and why?

I chose Montclare for my older son!  When I moved back to Long Island, I sent both of my boys to a diverse, teacher-guided program.  I chose this school because their teaching philosophy closely resembles my own and Montclare’s.


What is your favorite thing about Montclare?

In the eleven years that I have been at Montclare, I’ve learned so much from my colleagues and the parent community here is very strong and supportive.  I love all of the terrific children I’ve had as students over the years and I have enjoyed the privilege of teaching them and watching as they grow!


How has early childhood education evolved for you since you first began teaching?

I am always learning new techniques and I keep myself open to new strategies that engage young children.  Through the administration’s support and collaborative learning, I have been able to visit other strong preschool programs across the city and have participated in enriching workshops.  The amazing staff here at Montclare is invested in making each day be the best it can possibly be and that translates into the best possible preschool experience!


What do you do in your time away from teaching?

I’m a soccer mom!

Joanna Bernic has been the Head-Teacher in the Honey Bear 3s Room since 2005.  She is a valued member of our school community and parent community as we were fortunate enough to have her oldest son as a student!  We hope you enjoy learning a little more about one of our dedicated teachers.

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