Spotlight on Montclare’s Director, Cathy Makropoulos

18 Jan Spotlight on Montclare’s Director, Cathy Makropoulos

I had fun checking in with Montclare’s Director, Cathy Makropoulos and asking her a few questions. Here’s what she had to say!

Cathy, where did you grow up?

I have fond memories of my childhood growing up in Upstate New York. I vividly remember the countryside and all the great fun I had as a child. When I was ready to relocate from Athens, I already knew that I wanted to return to New York.

What is your favorite thing about New York City?

I really don’t know where to begin to answer this question, I love everything about the city. Mostly I appreciate New York City’s cultural diversity.

In your opinion, why is an excellent preschool education so important?

An excellent preschool education sets the foundation for future learning endeavors. Preschool education is a child’s first experience in school and these early years are a critical time in a child’s development. Our goal at Montclare is to make the experience of school and learning a positive one by ensuring a smooth transition from home to school, building social skills and supporting good work habits. We emphasize not only the cognitive aspects of learning but also the importance of social and emotional development.


What, do you think, sets Montclare apart from other schools?  

Montclare creates a nurturing environment where students feel safe, which increases opportunities for learning on all levels: academic, emotional, and social. The faculty and staff at Montclare are dedicated professionals who celebrate positive energy, creativity and enthusiasm. Daily life at Montclare is pleasantly full, charmingly noisy, educationally challenging, highly productive and fun! Our parent community is warm and friendly and as a whole, embrace our belief that the school/home connection is of vital importance. This significant and unique partnership strengthens our program and helps our students develop positive attitudes towards school and learning.  Parents’ enthusiastic involvement and support make their child’s experience even more meaningful.


As the mother of two grown children, what has been the most rewarding part of being a parent?  The most challenging?

The most rewarding part of being a parent has been watching my children grow to become amazing adults. The fact that I facilitated this process and have raised two children who are so mature and influential in their communities satisfies me beyond what I can write.

Challenges are always plentiful when raising children. The challenges I am now facing come with my children leaving the nest and heading off to college. Allowing them to spread their wings is scary for a parent especially if your child goes to school far away. You can only hope that the tools you have given them will allow them to make the best choices guided by ethos.


What is it like to live in a city as historically rich as Athens?

Greek culture and history have been developing for many thousands of years, so living in a city as historically rich as Athens has been rewarding, I lived fifteen minutes away from the Parthenon! Virtually any part of Greece is full of history. I enjoyed traveling and visiting the extraordinary archaeological sites found in abundance in every corner of Greece, learning about what is such an impressive civilization. However, what truly makes Greece unforgettable for me is not only its history but also its culture and the wonderful people that I was surrounded by.

So, then what style are the columns are on the outside of Montclare Children’s School? 

The columns are Ionic.  Ionic columns are one of three column styles architects used in ancient Greece.


When you aren’t having fun at Montclare, what do you do for fun?

I love reading and cooking. When spending time at our summer home in Greece, I like to work in the garden and swim in the sea!


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cathyCathy Makropoulos is the Director of Montclare Children’s School, raised in New York Cathy earned her Bachelor’s Degree from LaVerne University.  Certified International School Administrator she also earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Lehigh University. She served as a member of the committee of Institution-Wide-Accreditation of the Middle States Association (MSA) and was selected to be a member of the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) Early Childhood in 2010. For 23 years, Cathy was an educator and Principal at ACS Athens Elementary School.