Music at Montclare

24 Oct Music at Montclare

Welcome to music at Montclare!

Why is music so important for preschoolers?

Music naturally delights and interests young children (of all ages!) providing a positive outlet for their high spirits and creative energy. Music and movement help develop both sides of the brain and contribute to children’s social-emotional, cognitive, physical and language development.

We devote much of our music time to singing. Singing exercises memory skills. The very act of singing alone offers all sorts of physical, social and emotional benefits!  It even increases blood-flow to the brain!  When it comes to songs for the 2s, I like to build up from the simplest songs to more and more complex songs as the year goes along.

Right now, the 2’s are learning their ABC’s, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and are beginning to learn “Baby Beluga.” For the 2’s, music is emotionally soothing, especially for children dealing with separation anxiety. Generally, all I have to do is strum a chord or two and any the crying ceases almost immediately.

The 3’s are learning “Tomorrow” from “Annie”, which is a very sophisticated song, as well as “This land is your land.” We’re also learning the days of the week and the months of the year in a song. Our teachers all use songs to help the children accomplish tasks and learn. From the clean-up song, to the elevator song, the classrooms and halls of Montclare are always full of music.

The 4’s have started learning “Oh What a Beautiful Morning,” “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head,” as well as the first verse and chorus for “Let it be.” We must have a lot of Beatle’s fans in the parent body because many kids shout out things like, “Hey, I heard that song in my car!”

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Enjoy music every day!


Noel Cohen has been the music teacher here since Montclare opened its doors in 2000. A talented guitarist and songwriter, Noel has enjoyed a successful career both as a music teacher, but also writing and performing music.