Montclare Art Studio Update

06 Feb Montclare Art Studio Update

Dear Parents,
We are excited about our art studio and have been putting it to good use!  We thought we would share our thoughts about our art curriculum and the experiences our children may have in art class.
The school year began by teaching the children the basics of colors, starting with black and white.  Together, we experimented with collage and drawing techniques and explored paint with a variety of tools to mix different shades of gray.

We then focused on primary colors (red, yellow and blue) and created bright, monochromatic works of art using different techniques.  We engaged in a lively discussion about how mixing these colors produces secondary colors (orange, green and purple).  Some of the techniques we enjoyed exploring were mixed media collage, fingerpaint prints, and crayon resist.

All of the children have now experienced the tactile joys of working with clay.  We begin by  challenging the children to make certain shapes with the clay such as a ball, a pancake and a cylinder  shape.  They also used ‘slip’ (watered down clay) to help the pieces stick together.  The 4’s combine these techniques to create beautiful nameplates.

In the art studio we believe everyday materials can be turned into works of art.  We recycled cardboard to create ‘cardboard constructions’.  All of the children worked with cut pieces of cardboard to create anything they desired.  The 2’s created their first group project on long, thin cardboard backgrounds.   The 3’s created 2-dimensional designs on a flat background. The 4’s created 3-dimensional free-form works of art.


We are very proud to see our students’ skills grow over the year.  Recently with a class who tray painted for the first time, a child expressed that he wanted to paint a rainbow to a fellow classmate.  “But we don’t have all the colors,” he said.  “Well, we can make them!” responded the second student.  They both proceeded to paint a rainbow, in order while using primaries and mixing secondaries.



On another note, our new hanging systems are currently being put up and we look forward to posting more work very soon!
Janae & Julia
Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso