27 Jul Magic

As adults we sometimes long for the “magic” of childhood; the sense of wonder and excitement that seems to ebb with time. A means of better connecting with our children and rediscovering that magic in ourselves may, in fact, be through… magic! Yes, top-hats, card tricks, and disappearing coins. The Harry Potter Book Series appeals to children of all ages for a very good reason! Magic, that literal kind, is a great way to “conjure” some fun family time.

Nothing supernatural was involved in bringing the magic of The Amazing Max to our Montclare Summer Camp. Both campers and teachers alike delighted to the astounding, and at times, hilarious Max as he dazzled his audience with incredible tricks!

While we certainly recommend The Amazing Max‘s live show, who says you can’t bring a little more of this kind of magic into your home? Some of our teachers were inspired to add a little magic to their classroom activities and we thought we would share some of their ideas.

Ideas to create a little magic of your own:


Books already have their own kind of magic. Here are some truly magical stories:


More of a visual learner? Here’s an video of some easy tricks!


In a bit of a rut? Same-old-same-old? Try a little magic. 🎱

“Max Darwin is indeed amazing!” — Time Out NY Kids