Education-Technology at Montclare

Montclare Ed-Tech Integration Mission Statement


At Montclare Children’s School, technology is integrated into the curriculum of our three-year-old and four-year-old classrooms in a purposeful and developmentally appropriate manner.  “Use of technology in early childhood must not be a goal unto itself.” Technology is implemented to enrich the preschool classroom experience, complimenting rather than replacing existing modalities.  While proficiency with technology will ultimately support our students as they advance to Kindergarten and beyond, Montclare’s teachers are focused on enhancing each child’s classroom experience.  This meaningful integration fosters a more responsible, engaged and creative relationship with technology.


Preschool-aged children commonly have far more knowledge and ideas than they are able to express in written or even pictorial form. Teachers may demonstrate how to use a voice-recording iPad app that children may use to animate a story or narrate a drawing, verbally exploring their reasoning. These recordings can then be easily shared with teachers, peers and family. Furthermore, when children record their process, teachers have the ability to hear more voices and stories than just those of the children who share during circle time.


Additionally, students may use technology to film, photograph and even curate otherwise temporary work, like block-building. Children put a great deal of thought and effort into building with blocks. While there is inherent value in learning the impermanence of objects, digitally documenting the creative process behind this type of activity offers children a way to “tell” and further “build” upon their stories and expand vocabulary.  The outcome, of course, can be proudly shared with the class on the Interactive Whiteboard or SmartBoard and also with parents.


While technology is often thought of as something that isolates individuals from one another, it has the demonstrated potential to facilitate and strengthen communication and connection in the classroom and beyond. Technology allows us to strengthen the bonds between home and school.  Shared snapshots from the classroom, uploaded onto our password-protected website, provide a reassuring and deeper understanding of what our students are doing throughout the day.  Teachers may also choose to use technology to share student work on an ongoing basis, for parent-teacher conferences and communications with home. Ultimately, through sites like, there are virtually limitless opportunities for teachers to connect with classrooms throughout the school and into the global educational community at large.


At Montclare, we believe that technology, when used responsibly and purposefully, is a powerful tool that enriches the classroom experience for our children, teachers and families.