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Asynchronous Learning



In addition to daily synchronous learning (Zoom classes which are recorded; links emailed to families), Montclare’s teachers also provide daily asynchronous resources. It is vital for children to have opportunities


Head teachers, assistants, and specialists provide a variety of thoughtful, educational videos, printable lessons, and activities to support ongoing, asynchronous learning.  Storybook reading, gross-motor activities (for small spaces), science, math, music, art, movement, and other skill-building activities are all included in our asynchronous resource library which is housed on our password-protected website.


We have recently joined the StoryPark family for the 2020-21 school year which will support both classroom and asynchronous learning! Teachers will document each students learning on StoryPark to create a portfolio for each child throughout their time at Montclare. Parents can also share with teachers what their children are doing at home. This allows for a learning community that transcends the classroom! Parents will also be able to invite family and other learning specialists to have access to their child’s learning (and will have lifetime access to this portfolio). To learn more about how StoryPark will support the home-school connection, click HERE.


Asynchronous Library