Around the World – Celebrating Global Cultures!

11 Feb Around the World – Celebrating Global Cultures!

At Montclare, we have our own mini-UN with a community made up of families and staff from all over the world speaking over 17 languages! While we welcome parents into the classroom for celebrations of culture throughout the year (many classrooms recently celebrated the Lunar New Year), our 3s classrooms have dedicated these last weeks to learning about different cultures, culminating in a “Cultures Festival” where all families are invited into the classroom to share something about their family and culture!

Beyond learning about how life is both different and similar in other countries, the 3s were also learning about art, language, creativity, and communication – and even math!

The Panda Room chose to focus on Italy, Australia, Guyana, and Ukraine. Each week, the children explored the new culture, and enjoyed various activities helping them to learn more about the traditions, languages, and customs of each country.

The Pandas were intrigued by Italy’s Leonardo Da Vinci and his famous painting, the ‘Mona Lisa’ with her beguiling smile. Da Vinci’s painting may be one of the most well-known works of art in the entire world! Everyone practiced their fine-motor skills and color recognition by coloring in their own Mona Lisa.

Sticking with the arts, when exploring Australia the Panda Room students learned about Australia’s original inhabitants, the Aborigines. They got creative experimenting with the vivid colors and geometric patterns found in Aboriginal artwork.  Then, zipping across the planet – Did you know that Guyana has a proud tradition of making colorful kites for Easter? The Pandas enjoyed decorating their kites and seeing them on display! Finally, the Pandas learned about Ukraine grading traditional matryoshka dolls from largest to smallest. The children were also interested to discover that not only do Ukrainians speak a different language, but they also use a different alphabet! Panda Room teacher, Clare, lived in Ukraine for years and helped everyone trace their names using Cyrillic letters in a addition to our Roman alphabet.

Back here in NYC, the fun and the learning continues!

Check Montclare’s instagram (@MontclarePreschool) page for a video of a Panda Room father playing the tabla at our Cultures Festival!