Eternal Students

26 Apr Eternal Students

Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.
Benjamin Franklin

This, my tenth year at Montclare, has proven to be a very eventful year for the school and for me! I became a head teacher with an amazing team and am completing my MS degree in graduate school. I thought this was enough excitement for any one year.

Then Cathy Makropoulos, our director, announced that she was offering two teachers the possibility to attend the Early Childhood International Schools (ECIS) Conference being held this spring in … Belgium! This was an unprecedented opportunity to spend two full days expanding our knowledge of early childhood education in beautiful Waterloo, Belgium. Not only was this an exciting and generous proposal, it also demonstrated a deeper commitment to the development and continuing education of our faculty.

For those of you who are non-educators, Professional Development is an essential part of being a teacher. Aside from the fact that a certain amount of “PD” hours have long been a requirement of the Department of Education to retain certification, PD is a valuable opportunity to expand your practice, learn new techniques, network with other educators and so much more! Educators are always learning. 

Brenna Riley and I were the fortunate teachers chosen to embark on this exciting, intercontinental adventure. The schedule was chock-full of lectures and presentations by internationally respected experts in numerous areas of early childhood education. We met fellow educators from every corner of the world from Kuwait to New Zealand, Norway to Barcelona. Here is a link to the amazing schedule of workshops we were offered at the Conference – Click HERE.

At the Conference, we were very pleased to discover that our Director, Cathy, who has served on the planning committee for previous ECIS conferences, is a highly-respected member of this international organization of educators!

On May 1st at our upcoming Staff Development, Brenna and I are excited to share with our teachers what we took away from this extraordinary conference.

As affiliates of so many prestigious professional organizations, I am sure there will be many future opportunities for growth and development at Montclare. The ECIS conference was a wonderful experience that will continue to benefit our school as a community.

“From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.

Daphne Hicks is a 2s Head Teacher at Montclare Children’s School. A long-time UWS resident, gardener and mother of two, Daphne has long been a valued member of Montclare’sTeaching Community.