100th Day of School

03 Mar 100th Day of School

This week at Montclare we celebrated the The 100th day of school!


Why all the hoopla about 100 days?  The 100th day of school is literally the 100th day of the school year (give or take a day). More importantly, it is a great way for teachers to celebrate the various simple mathematical skills that can be taught using the number 100. In our 4s classrooms, from the first day of school, classes begin keeping track of the number of days they’ve been in school in anticipation of the 100th day. It’s this anticipation that is actually the first math lesson, as the days are often marked by counting out-loud and by grouping bundles of objects in batches of 10, paving the way to counting by tens and ones.

This exercise also allows young children to get a sense of the passage of time and how we measure life in minutes, hours, days and years.

What do we do on the 100th Day of School?


  • Each year, we ask the children to create an art project using 100 objects of their choosing, sometimes stickers, cheerios, legos, pennies, pasta… anything!
  • They get to bring in their collection and share it with the class.
  • Some of our classrooms invite Zero the Hero to celebrate.  He’s the superhero who turns the number 1 into 1o or the number 3 into 30!
  • Bringing in a collection of 100 items on that day.
  • The children read books about the 100th Day of School including “100 Day Worries”, by Margery Cuyler or “The Night Before the 100th Day of School,” by Natasha Wing.
  • Exploring the differences in size, weight and length of different groups of a hundred -For example, the weight of 100 pennies vs. the weight of 100 cotton balls.
  • Putting together 100-piece puzzles.


This is always a very exciting day for our 4s as it culminates in a grade-wide celebration in the gym with lots of activities and treats!
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For grown-ups, the NY Times suggested celebrating with the following wonderful tips including:

Each and every day is a gift.  Enjoy!